3D Printing News

3D Printing News

Stay up to date with the latest developments in additive manufacturing. Learn what’s happening at R&D Technologies as well as the latest innovations in the additive industry.


How 3D Printing is Changing Architecture

3D Printing is often something viewed as having limited applications. Prototype manufacturing is probably the most well-known; 3D models used for car parts, aerospace applications or other items that simply require a high quality, low cost avenue. In recent years however, a version of 3D Printing is being used to build houses all over the world.

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Stratasys Acquires Leader in SLA Industry

In the year 2021 there are many types of additive manufacturing. However, the two that have dominated the industry since its creation have been FDM and SLA. Quickly, FDM uses a spool of plastic melted by a hot end extruder. SLA, although a more meticulous process, offers very strong and high-quality parts. In some cases, however, SLA is comparable to the speed of FDM technology.   Stratasys, an American based company, has created some

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Protolabs Set To Acquire 3D Hubs

Two of the biggest names in the additive manufacturing are set to combine forces and produce an expansive global chain of digital manufacturing. Both companies offer custom prototyping services to their customer base. Through their network of manufacturers and suppliers, Protolabs and 3D Hubs offer engineers and businesses the capability to have their computer rendered 3D

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Are Trade Shows Dead?

The manufacturing industry has always relied heavily on trade shows for continuous growth. The ability to share ideas, display new products, and cultivate new business relationships is invaluable for any industry; for the purposes of this article however, we will be looking specifically at manufacturing. The past year has proved difficult for everyone in some aspect

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A Brief History of 3D Printing

3D Printing is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In 2020 the industry’s estimated worth was $13.63 billion (up $2 billion from the previous year). In 2018 1.42 million individual 3D printers were sold throughout all different companies within the industry. According to Grand View Research, they estimate the industry will be

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The Stratasys J850

In 2021 3D printing has many forms; the most popular are SLA and FDM technology. These types of additive manufacturing were the first to enter the industry in the mid 80’s and have dominated it ever since. However, in the early 2000’s different technologies came into the picture.  PolyJet printing technology has come a long way since its

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The Mini-Me Project

R&D Technologies recently worked with Jenny Egiolas and her son Thomas to bring one of their designs to life using our in-house manufacturing facility. After designing a “mini-me” prototype on Solidworks, Jenny and her son sought out local companies to help 3D print the model. The two had nothing but good things to say about working

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Stratasys Acquires RPS

The second large scale deal publicized in just three months, Stratasys has set its sights on acquiring RP Support (RPS) to further expand their product offerings and capabilities. Similar to Origin (also recently acquired by Stratasys), RPS also creates Stereolithography (SLA) machines for their customers. “RPS is a UK-based company, providing industrial 3D printing hardware, material and support solutions, driving industries to

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New VeroUltra Materials Released

On April 14th, 2021 Stratasys released two new materials for the  Stratasys J7™, J8™ Series and the J55 3D printers. The new VeroUltra photopolymers were developed primarily for increased realism in prototype production. According to Stratasys, “The VeroUltra family uses advanced color algorithms to take PolyJet full color printing to advanced levels, enabling high-quality, full color model production. Using this new printing material, models

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MM3D: Multimaterial Multinozzle 3D Printing

The capabilities of 3D printing technology are ever expanding. Researchers at the Harvard Wyss institute (specifically the Lewis Lab) and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a method of extruding multiple materials from a single print nozzle. The technology is currently able to output eight different materials at 50

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