New VeroUltra Materials Released

New VeroUltra Materials Released

March 17, 2023

On April 14th, 2021 Stratasys released two new materials for the  Stratasys J7™J8™ Series and the J55 3D printers. The new VeroUltra photopolymers were developed primarily for increased realism in prototype production.

According to Stratasys, “The VeroUltra family uses advanced color algorithms to take PolyJet full color printing to advanced levels, enabling high-quality, full color model production. Using this new printing material, models which previously appeared as having a thin plastic or cheap appearance can now have a higher quality, opaque finish. These unique color qualities can also simulate natural materials such as wood, fabrics and marble.”

vero ultra image2

Engineers and designers will have the ability to produce more life-like prototypes. The ability to create complete, full-color models faster and easier is extremely valuable for design teams. A few industries that have taken a liking to the VeroUltra materials are consumer electronics, automotive and toys/figurine production.

vero ultra image3

To learn more about the VeroUltra materials, contact our team of experts today. Or visit the VeroUltra page to view the spec sheet and other information. Bring your next model to life with the new VeroUltra materials!

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