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Origin One

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Industrial resin 3D printer for mass production of durable and accurate parts.

Experience enhanced complexity, accuracy, and durability, along with a wide range of material choices, surpassing those offered by conventional resin 3D printers.

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Origin One

Origin One, a revolutionary 3D printer that delivers industry-leading accuracy, consistency, detail, and throughput for mass production of high-performance end-use parts. Its exceptional throughput and unmatched repeatability enable seamless expansion, faster launches, flexible responses to demand changes, and efficient inventory management. Unlock design freedom, streamline workflows, and enhance product performance through reduced part count with the power of 3D printing.


  • Build Envelope: 7.5 x 4.25 x 14.5 in. (192 x 108 x 370 mm)
  • Machine Size and Weight: 19 x 20 x 44 in.(49 x 51 x 113 cm) 180 lbs.
  • Layer thickness: material and design dependent, as low as 50μm.
  • Heat-Resistant, tough, elastomer, biocompatible, mold-making resin compatible.
  • Maximum length on the diagonal – 8.6 in. (220 mm)
  • Photocurable materials from Stratasys ecosystem material partners.
  • Resin Tray Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Resin Storage Temp: Typically 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
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