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Many of R&D Technologies clients are ambitious entrepreneurs who want to start their business, hoping to bring their idea to reality for successful business. Our engineers and designers do their best to make sure that our client’s product is production friendly and visually aesthetic.

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3D Scanning Services



If you require the recreation of intricate parts or vivid textures for 3D printing, even without access to CAD files or product blueprints, look no further than our comprehensive solution. R&D Technologies can provide high-resolution, accurate 3D scanning by using cutting-edge 3D scanning hardware and equipment to guarantee excellent results. 

Our SMARTTECH3D scanners can meticulously measure segments, calculate surface areas and volumes, and even generate intricate color deviation maps for streamlined inspection and potential repairs. This innovative approach allows us to project these color deviation maps onto your objects, granting you a simple visual cue to identify areas requiring your attention. 

With an emphasis on industrial 3D scanning, our services extend beyond just replication. We specialize in 3D scanning for 3D printing, offering a comprehensive suite of 3D scanning and printing services. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum, including 3D scanning and measurement, 3D scanning and inspection, and 3D scanning reverse engineering.

Whether you require a meticulous 3D scanning solution, industrial 3D scanning services, or high-resolution 3D scanning services, our dedicated team is prepared to meet your needs. Choose our 3D scanning solutions and services to embark on a journey of excellence. 

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3D CAD Drafting and Design Consultation Services

Transform Your great Idea into reality with our expert engineers! R&D Technologies is here to assist you in creating or refining designs, avoiding potential issues in advance. We offer comprehensive support, from patent drawings to connecting you with manufacturing partners, ensuring your success at every stage.

Experience the power of an exceptional prototype that leaves a lasting impression, helping you secure funding and captivating investors. With our ability to create multi-material prototypes that perfectly match your brand colors, we stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technologies and materials, making your sales pitches truly remarkable

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