3D Printing News

3D Printing News

Stay up to date with the latest developments in additive manufacturing. Learn what’s happening at R&D Technologies as well as the latest innovations in the additive industry.

3D Printing Saving Hours in Surgery

Saving hours in surgery by examining a 3D printed model beforehand can save hospitals thousands of dollars per surgery But you’re not just saving money. Surgeons can go in with a predetermined plan and make fewer incisions, thus reducing exposure, reducing recovery time, improving surgical outcome, and best of all: saving lives. Many medical device companies

How Additive Manufacturing is Making an Impact

This article by Greg Conrad appeared on the MANUFACTURING TOMORROW website Part 1 of 2 parts The world has seen many intriguing manufacturing technologies so far, but 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) has really caught everyone’s attention over the past few years. 3D printing has opened up new opportunities for production, factory maintenance, and R&D, since

COVID-19 Update

Amidst All The Uncertainty, R&D Technologies Is Doing Its Best To Keep Business Flowing As Usual R&D Technologies is taking steps to prioritize the health and safety of our employees while ensuring uninterrupted 3D printing services for our valued customers. We will do our best to support you during these difficult times. Please feel free to

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