The Stratasys J850

In 2021 3D printing has many forms; the most popular are SLA and FDM technology. These types of additive manufacturing were the first to enter the industry in the mid 80’s and have dominated it ever since. However, in the early 2000’s different technologies came into the picture.  PolyJet printing technology has come a long way since its inception. In 2000 a company called Objet Geometries created the first type of additive manufacturing that used, “simultaneous jetting of multiple types of modeling materials to create a single piece of 3D model.” In 2012 Objet merged with another additive giant, Stratasys. With this merger, both companies would go on to create incredible advances in PolyJet technology, never before seen in the industry.


objet500 front open stratasys


Currently, Stratasys offers a vast line of PolyJet 3D Printers (still keeping the Objet name on several different machines). Products range from entry level price points with their Desktop Series printers, all the way to the J Series capable of multi-material jetting with over 500,000 different color combinations. The top-of-the-line J850 Pro and Prime models redefine what can be achieved with 3D printing. Before this technology existed, additive manufacturing was mostly limited to single-color models. With the release of the Stratasys J Series PolyJet printers, users can now print full color models in a single job, with PANTONE certified shades! Additionally, these printers offer flexible materials giving users the ability to print in different shore values (a varying range of flex). For example, looking to print a prototype phone case complete with soft and hard touch points throughout the case? That is 100% possible with the J850.j750 right angle open high resolution

When using a J850, you don’t ask, “what can it do?” You ask, “what can’t it do?” The limitations imposed by additive manufacturing technology keep shrinking every day. And if you’re a designer, your job just got a whole lot easier.

R&D Technologies uses this technology to help out you, our customers! Contact our service bureau today and print your next prototype in full color. Create visual realism directly from your original design. Talk to our experts about the full capabilities of the Stratasys J850. And check out some of the other Stratasys machines like the J55.

image still printer angled transparent j55 1


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