3D Printing News

3D Printing News

Stay up to date with the latest developments in additive manufacturing. Learn what’s happening at R&D Technologies as well as the latest innovations in the additive industry.

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A New Take On 3D Printed Masks – Customized Mask Fitters

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the 3D Printing industry has become a prominent figure in helping provide resources to the medical community. The most common application of 3D printing has been creating face shields using a sheet of transparency and a 3D printed visor. However, we know that a face shield alone is not enough to properly protect

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3D Printing Riot Shields

Amidst all of the protests taking place, R&D Technologies continues to look for solutions through 3D printing. The Narragansett Police Department was facing sparse resources to deal effectively with the riots across Rhode Island state. R&D Technologies helped design and print a riot shield for the department in hopes of adding precaution and safety for the

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Police Department Thanks R&D Technologies

In light of the recent protests taking place across the country, the Narragansett Police Department faced these events with a shortage of protective equipment for its officers. This department was called upon to supervise numerous protests, and unfortunately riots, across Rhode Island state.  After hearing about the shortage of protective equipment, R&D Technologies quickly sprung into

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Stratasys Sessions

The Stratasys Sessions is an ongoing series of learning tools designed to empower you and your business with the help of additive manufacturing. From different printing machines, material compositions and applications, to practical additive manufacturing solutions and real world testimonials, Stratasys helps you better understand the world of 3D printing and how it can fit into

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KeyShot Launch Event

Missed the live webinar for our KeyShot launch event? Not to worry, You can watch this live recording whenever you have the time. Click here to watch the launch event on-demand. From Ideation To Approval: Streamlining The Design Process In this live event, Stratasys brings together a panel of product designers to discuss how they are using

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Additive Manufacturing Through the Eyes of a College Student

From the perspective of a mechanical engineering student, 3D printing is something that has shrouded the engineering industry in anticipation for what the future may hold. Manufacturing in the past has basically been CNC and injection molding. Expensive and boring machines that have many limitations as to what you can create. Engineers love to create (at

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A Look From The Outside: 3D Printing and FDM Technology

As someone who has worked with 3D printers for five years now, I know that many people have little idea what it is. When I told someone, I work with 3D printers, they replied, “what kind of ink do you use?” In his defense, this sounds like a valid question if you don’t know much about

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nTopology and Stratasys Team Up

Stratasys, one of the leading companies in additive manufacturing technology, is hosting a live event with members from the nTopology team to bring you the latest software advancements in the additive industry. nTopology is a company dedicated to increasing the capabilities of designers and engineers through advanced modeling software. Often times, the design process can be

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Advanced Bone Material for J750 Digital Anatomy

The J750 Digital Anatomy Printer is amazingly powerful in the hands of medical professionals. The unique printing materials give this machine a spotlight of its own. One of the newer material releases, Advanced Bone is another synthetic photopolymer that has surprisingly similar properties to that of the human body. Proven in various studies, medical models printed

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The 3D Printing Materials Market

In recent years, 3D printing materials have been exploding with innovation. As new printing technologies have slowed down, the demand for more versatile printing materials has dramatically increased. Printing for prototyping, users are seeking even more realism in their models. And different industries are seeking improved physical and chemical properties in materials across the spectrum of

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