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Stratasys Acquires Leader in SLA Industry

In the year 2021 there are many types of additive manufacturing. However, the two that have dominated the industry since its creation have been FDM and SLA. Quickly, FDM uses a spool of plastic melted by a hot end extruder. SLA, although a more meticulous process, offers very strong and high-quality parts. In some cases, however, SLA is comparable to the speed of FDM technology 

Stratasys, an American based company, has created some of the most advanced industrial FDM machines in the world. Along with offering an additional additive technology called PolyJetRecently added to Stratasys’s innovative line-up, the company acquired a leading SLA organization out of San Francisco, Origin. The founders, Chris Prucha and Joel Ong, started with just each other and have since built Origin into one of the leading companies in SLA technology.  

origin 3d printer

The Origin One printer has a build area of 192 x 108 x 350mm on the x, y, z axes, respectivelyAlthough the build volume is not massively large the intrigue of SLA technology is to print small items with incredible detail. Larger SLA machines are available, but their main purpose is still geared towards minute detailAdditionally, Origin’s SLA machines offer an unrivaled user interaction and interface when compared with other SLA printers similar in build capacityWith this added ease-of-use there is simply no other machine equal in the same price range. Along with the great washing station paired with cure station, the complicated process of finishing is greatly simplified.  

The combined strength of Stratasys’ connections and Origin’s brilliant SLA advances, the results are something we can surely look forward to. Origin’s 3D printers will make a valuable addition to the Stratasys product lineIf you are in the market for an SLA machine, look no further than Origin and Stratasys.   

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