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Stratasys Materials

Stratasys offers hundreds of materials for all of your prototyping needs. To order PolyJet or FDM material/supplies for your printer, please see our eCommerce page.

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Disk Break FDM

FDM Thermoplastics

Stratasys, the developer of the world famous Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology, created this technology to work with production-grade engineering thermoplastics to build high strength, durable parts that you can use in a real world environment. From ABS to PC to aerospace grade Ultem-9085, your parts are sure to look and function as if they were made by a traditional manufacturing process, but at a fraction of the cost!

Material docs

PolyJet Photopolymers

PolyJet photopolymers offer the finest resolution, highest tolerances, and smoothest surface finish surpassing all other 3D printing technologies. With the ability to print in clear and transparent materials as well as flexible and rigid materials, we guarantee there will be a material that fits your specific application. You can even combine multiple colors and different materials into one build.

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