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Stratasys secures U.S. Navy contractStratasys secures U.S. Navy contractPublished 09/13/2021

Stratasys recently announced a secured contract of their largest government project to-date. The U.S. Navy has created a $20 million agreement for the procurement of 25 Stratasys F900 3D Printers. These machines are one of...

Polaris MEP 3D Metal Watch PartyPolaris MEP 3D Metal Watch PartyPublished 08/19/2021

On August 17th, Polaris MEP hosted a watch party for some new advancements concerning the Desktop Metal printers. Polaris' Marketing Manager, Erin Read did an excellent job of putting together the event and hosting everyone....

The Cost of 3D Printer MaterialsThe Cost of 3D Printer MaterialsPublished 07/26/2021

One facet of owning a 3D printer that might not be considered as much as it should, is the cost of material. Arguably one of the most important puzzle pieces in additive manufacturing, additive materials...

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EASTEC 2021 | October 19-21

Advanced manufacturing technology intersects with longstanding tradition at EASTEC 2021, October 19-21, 2021 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. EASTEC celebrates the historical importance of Northeast manufacturing while showcasing its future in leading-edge industries such as aerospace, medical devices, automotive, industrial equipment and defense.

Enhancing Your Supply Chain

Stratasys Sessions Webinar - Today’s additive educators are juggling hundreds of student projects across a variety of classes. Not only do educators need to keep track of which classes students belong to, but they also have to report on 3D printing budgeting costs.

SENEDIA Defense Days 2022

Defense Innovation Days brings together companies who are developing cutting edge innovations with policymakers who are helping steer the nation's defense strategy. We give policymakers and opportunity to speak to those companies, big or small, and give the companies insight into future acquisition opportunities.

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"R&D Technologies has been an invaluable asset in the fast and cost effective validation of parts.... Even on weekends, there is always a team member available to personally oversee part runs to maintain our review schedule. Great service as well as products"

- Don Harrison, Medical Device Consultant, Human Design Medical

"The 3D printer was one of the best investments that Iselann-Moss has made in years. Being a custom manufacturer of urethane products, we now have the capability to produce masters for our customers in house and it has allowed us to service new industries."

- David Reali, Vice President, Iselann-Moss Ind., Inc

"I can tell you getting our machine all those years ago impacted our internal culture as a company. It signified our evolution from being just a manufacturer to being an advanced manufacturer, and helped fuel a mindset of innovation. "

- Lenny Light, Vice President, Lenco Armored Vehicles