TPU Black | ELAST92A | 60 cu in

TPU Black | ELAST92A | 60 cu in



F123 TPU 92A is an FDM elastomer which is a highly sought-after material used in the auto industry, as well as other industries requiring flexible plastic parts used during the prototype and design phases.  This material is available for F170, F270, and F370 printers.

NOTE:  Before printing with TPU for the first time, an upgrade kit is required. This will include the F123 Series Elastomer Extrusion Head (SKU 123-00320), a spool of Black TPU (SKU 333-60201), revised Y blocks, and installation instructions for customers.

The printer software will also need to be upgraded to version 1.8 or higher and this can be downloaded and sent to the printer via GrabCAD Print.

Note:  Standard support heads and QSR support are used when printing with TPU material.


  • Shore A value of 92
Compatible Machines:
– F170
– F270
– F370
– F370 CR
– F190 CR


  • Available in Black
  • Industries – automotive, industrial, consumer products, sporting goods


  • Hoses / tubes / air ducts
  • Console liners / cup holders
  • Seals / gaskets / grommets
  • Grips / surface protection covers Bellows
  • Door and window trim / seals
  • Body panel seals / gap hiders


  • Flexible and tear resistant material – Elongation of 500% Tear strength 84 Kn/m (480 lbF/in)
Weight 10.000 lbs

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