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How to Excel With Additive Manufacturing

The biggest challenge and excitement for professionals in the additive manufacturing industry is to find ways to improve current manufacturing and design processes using additive technologies. One of the leading reasons additive manufacturing has not taken hold in the industrial or commercial side of manufacturing is a lack of awareness about how the technology can improve current business models.

Aidro is a hydraulics and fluid power systems manufacturer based out of Taino, Italy. Recently, Aidro has adopted additive manufacturing practices to create products faster and more efficiently than ever before. Some of these products include hydraulic spools, heat exchangers, valves and high-pressure hydraulic manifolds.


Contrary to their existing subtractive manufacturing processes, Aidro was able to cut down on material usage, weight and even expand on the complexity of their parts. Adiro’s CEO, Valeria Tirelli, reflected on the benefits of additive: “The meaning of additive manufacturing is to add material only where it is needed. Thanks to our ability to design fluid parts with this new additive manufacturing approaches, we are able to reduce the weight of the part, use less material, produce it faster compared to conventional methods.”

Most companies will shy away from additive manufacturing, reasoning that their current design/manufacturing works just fine. Just as Valeria Tirelli discovered, those companies who will explore new technologies can make the groundbreaking changes people read about in the news. Are you new to additive manufacturing, but can’t justify the cost of a 3D printer? There are plenty of choices when it comes to outsourcing your prototypes. R&D Technologies has a complete additive manufacturing facility, equipped with state-of-the-art Stratasys machinery. Talk with our engineers and investigate how additive can improve your current processes. Upload your parts today to get an immediate estimate on what your job might cost.

Check out the full article here on how Aidro adopted additive manufacturing to excel.

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