3D Printing Advantages vs Traditional Manufacturing

3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing and prototyping industry. Stratasys, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, offers a variety of additive manufacturing technologies that can help companies increase efficiency while reducing costs. Here are some of the benefits of Stratasys 3D printing technology:

1. Cost-Effectiveness: One of the primary advantages to using Stratasys 3D printing is its cost-effectiveness. When compared to traditional subtractive methods such as CNC machining, 3D printing can result in significant savings on upfront costs for materials and labour. Additionally, with many different material choices available from Flexible Plastic Filament (FFF) to High Performance Materials (HPM), businesses have more options when it comes to finding an economical solution for their specific application needs. Furthermore, with no tooling required for prototypes or low-volume production runs and faster set up times than other processes like injection moulding, users can enjoy shorter lead times at reduced prices.

2. Time Efficiency: With rapid material deposition rates reaching speeds up to 300 mm/s or 0.0035 inches/second, companies no longer need to wait days or weeks for parts they require immediately; instead they get them almost instantly through 3d Printing service providers like Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Services (SDM). This helps businesses reduce turnaround time significantly so they can meet customer demands quickly resulting in improved customer service satisfaction levels and increased profits over time. Moreover with services such as J7 polyjet photopolymer matrix systems capable of producing multiple parts simultaneously with minimal post processing steps further shortens total production cycle times allowing users access high quality products even faster than before!

3. Durability & Quality: The durability and quality provided by stratasys 3d printed products is another major benefit worth considering when selecting this method over traditional methods like casting or forging etc.. These machines are designed specifically to work within tight tolerances resulting in extremely precise designs not achievable by other means due which makes them ideal choice for medical implants , aerospace components etc . They also offer consistent layer lines which results in superior surface finish making them suitable even higher end applications where aesthetics plays large role . And since these materials undergo less thermal stress during manufacture process compared other conventional techniques such as metal forming ,they come out much stronger giving better longevity.

4. Improved Design Freedom : Unlike conventional manufacturing processes which usually involve costly molds dies along with complex geometries requiring tedious extra steps ,stratasys offers remarkable design freedom thanks advanced print heads enabling creation intricate shapes without limitation . As result customers now able build complex models quickly easily which otherwise be impossible achieve via subtractive techniques therefore helping save precious both time money throughout product life cycle especially during early stages development research prototyping phase.

5. Eco Friendly Production : In addition being highly efficient terms speed cost saving mentioned above ,Stratasys’ FDM Technology forms basis most eco friendly additive manufacturing solutions today due its ability produce virtually zero emissions waste utilizing recycled plastics filament spools thus substantially reducing carbon footprint thereby promoting sustainability environment.

Overall we see wide range advantages associated usage Stratasy’s powerful cutting edge technology ranging across number different industries including automotive engineering architecture healthcare just name few ! Not only does provide tremendous value terms speed accuracy affordability but also peace mind knowing your company leveraging innovative ecofriendly decision making process moving forward into future.

Stratasys Acqusition

Stratasys, an innovative 3D printing solutions provider, was pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of CSpace Assets and Covestro’s Additive Manufacturing Center of

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