Color 3D Scanner to Capture every detail of the beauty

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The MICRON3D Color is a specialized 3D scanner designed for accurately digitizing colorful objects. This unique touchless measurement system serves as an ideal tool for creating digital replicas of real objects, whether it be archiving valuable artifacts or documenting prototypes. With the highest resolution currently available in the market, it excels at capturing objects with exceptional detail, making it perfect for digitizing items like pottery ornaments and capturing intricate features such as canvas damages or microfractures. The scanner’s sensitive detector ensures the scanning of both dark and shiny objects, while its integration with a shadeless lighting system guarantees high-quality and precise color data.


The best color 3D scanner on the market

The MICRON3D Color scanner’s automated measuring and processing functions ensure the high quality of shape and color information captured. With its temperature-resistant carbon-fiber casing and replaceable dustproof filters, it can be utilized even in excavation environments. Currently, the MICRON3D Color stands as the sole scanner with such a remarkable scanning resolution that simultaneously captures detailed color information of the scanned objects.

Easy to use & reliable 3D scanner

The MICRON3D Color scanner offers versatile features such as a pan and tilt adjustable tripod, a durable transport case, and a mobile workstation with SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software. Its automated measuring and processing functions ensure excellent quality shape and color information. With its temperature-resistant carbon-fiber casing and replaceable dustproof filters, it can be used even in excavation environments. The scanner’s “plug & scan” system eliminates the need for calibration and enables immediate use. Its user-friendly design allows individuals without specialized technical knowledge to operate it effortlessly. Additionally, the non-invasive white light LED technology ensures artifact safety during scanning, while the convenience of delivery and installation, along with pre-calibration, further enhances ease of use for the end user.

Proven excellence in capturing every detail

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in 3D scanner production and collaboration with museums, we have tailored the MICRON3D Color scanner to meet the specific needs of museum measurements. Through this partnership, we have introduced enhancements and specialized equipment for capturing national heritage objects. Our offerings include numerical controlled rotary stages for automated measurements and a fully integrated, professional shadeless lighting system triggered by the scanner. This unique solution ensures consistent texture and color reproduction across the entire object. We take pride in providing professional services, technical support, and comprehensive training in 3D scanning and data processing.

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