Stratasys F3300

Double Production, Half Printing Time

Introducing the Stratasys F3300 Industrial 3D Printer: Revolutionizing Additive Manufacturing and Mass Production

The Stratasys F3300 3D printer introduces dual extrusion capabilities for multi-material double 3D printing, surpassing its predecessors. With four extruders onboard, it doubles your printing capacity, setting a new standard for industrial-scale additive manufacturing. 

Experience unparalleled cost efficiency, speed, reliability, and ease of use with the F3300, making it the ultimate choice for mass production needs.


Lower Cost Per Part

• Accelerated print speeds

• Enhanced part yield

• Competitive material pricing

• Reduced labor requirements

Twice the Throughput

• Increased gantry speed for swift extruder positioning

• Rapid material extrusion rates

• Automatic calibration for hassle-free setup

• Innovative multiple extruders and automatic tool changer

Ease of Use​

• Intuitive user interface screen


• Easy-to-install extruders

• Simple material loading

Ensure consistent performance

• EtherCAT onboard system monitoring

• Redundant extruder system

• System health monitoring

• Integrated material dryers

Key Product Features

Large Format FDM

  • 600mm x 600mm x 800mm Build Size
  • Fully heated chamber with advanced variable speed airflow

Build-In Material Dryers

  • 4 Loaded Extruders
  • Multi-resolution/Multi-color
  • Reduce swap time
  • Redundant tools for reliability
  • Auto Calibration
PNG Render with Clear Background F3300 FDM Printer

Data Monitoring

  • User-friendly 15.6” monitor with 2 cameras
  • Sensors to monitor all motors and process control features
  • MTConnect ready

New Smart Extruders

  • 2x faster extrusion
  • Load cells to monitor pressure
  • Improved melt flow of filament
  • Quad drive control
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