Stratasys J35 Pro – A Lot of Technology for A Whole Lot Less

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Stratasys has recently come out with several new machines to help improve and diversify their footprint in the realm of additive manufacturing. One of the most notable printers however, the J35 Pro certainly steps up to the challenge of owning innovative technology for a fraction of the expected cost.

PolyJet printing technology has become a cornerstone of the Stratasys product line. Developing full-color 3D models with unrivaled accuracy has been fully realized by the engineers at Stratasys. Current machine models like the J850 Pro/Prime, the J55, the Desktop Series, and now the J35 Pro all strive towards design perfection with layer heights reaching 18.75 microns. The J55, released in early 2020, has a very efficient piece of technology, a new take on PolyJet printing. Instead of a mobile print head assembly, the J55 uses a rotating build tray to construct models in a polar coordinate system (the machine uses a circular build tray) versus a cartesian coordinate system, typically containing an X, Y and Z axis. The rotating build tray and stationary print heads allow for less wear on many system components normally surrounding the print heads; additionally, the rotating tray produces models at a faster rate than the traditional back and forth movement of a print head assembly. The tray is rotating at a predetermined velocity throughout the length of the build and thus there is no “stop-and-go” sequence needed to propel the print heads across a stationary build tray.

So why is the J35 Pro superior to the J55? For most businesses, cost is a major factor when it comes to investment in additive manufacturing technology. The J35 Pro cuts the cost of a J55 in half, essentially. The most obvious distinction is the lack of material bays available to the user. The J35 Pro has 3 model material bays and one support material bay, each holding one, 1.1kg slug. The J55 has 12 material bays total, 10 dedicated for 5 sets of model material (1 color per set) and 2 dedicated for one set of support material. The larger material volume is ideal for printing larger parts or full trays of prototypes without having to change out cartridges frequently. The J55 can also run VeroCyanVeroMagenta and VeroYellow along with Elastico materials simultaneously, giving the user access to over 500,000 different color combinations and flexible materials in a single print. The J35 Pro will be limited to only 3 material options at one time, but still has the ability to print full-color models.

If you are interested in learning more about the machine details and pricing, you can visit the Stratasys J Series page on our website, or schedule a time to talk with one of our Technical Representatives. Feel free to call our office anytime with immediate questions you might have.


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