A Truly Instant Quoting Tool

R&D Technologies will be unveiling an instant quoting tool to help quote your next job. No need to go back and forth with emails or speak to an application engineer about your next build, create an account with us and let our online tool do the rest.

You will have the freedom to upload your files, organize and optimize your own build tray (i.e., part orientation, infill specification, etc.), select your materials and get a cost estimation of all your parameters in minutes.

Testing out our services for the first time and want to see what kind of quality we offer? If you are satisfied with your initial prototype, you can easily pull up a recent job and have a past file reprinted with just a few clicks.

If you prefer to email our engineers directly or speak with them over the phone to give explicit instructions about your build, we are here to help. Our original methods of quoting will still be readily available for anyone who prefers more personal communication.

To make sure you are notified when our quoting tool is released, follow this link.

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Stratasys Acqusition

Stratasys, an innovative 3D printing solutions provider, was pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of CSpace Assets and Covestro’s Additive Manufacturing Center of

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