TangoBlack | FLX973 | 1 kg (pkg of 2)

TangoBlack | FLX973 | 1 kg (pkg of 2)



TangoBlack (FLX973) is a rubber-like elastomer that has Shore scale A hardness, elongation at break, tear resistance and tensile strength characteristics. This rubber-like material is useful for many applications, including:

  • Exhibition and communication models
  • Soft-touch and nonslip surfaces
  • Knobs, grips, pulls, handles, gaskets, seals, hoses, footwear

TangoBlack Specifications.

Property ASTM Units Metric Units Imperial
Tensile Strength D-412 MPa 1.8-2.4 psi 115-350
Elongation at Break D-412 % 45-55 % 45-55
Compressive Set D-395 % 0.5-1.5 % 0.5-1.5
Shore Hardness (A) D-2240 Scale A 60-62 Scale A 60-62
Tensile Tear Resistance D-624 Kg/cm 3-5 Lb/in 18-24
Polymerized Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.14-1.15


Weight 5.000 lbs

Material Type


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