Police Department Thanks R&D Technologies

Police Department Thanks R&D Technologies

March 17, 2023

In light of the recent protests taking place across the country, the Narragansett Police Department faced these events with a shortage of protective equipment for its officers. This department was called upon to supervise numerous protests, and unfortunately riots, across Rhode Island state. riot shield 3

After hearing about the shortage of protective equipment, R&D Technologies quickly sprung into action to try and reduce the department’s need for riot gear. Using their in-house manufacturing services, R&D Technologies was able to 3D print a full size riot shield using their largest machine, the Fortus 900mc. The final result was a light weight, robust riot shield capable of absorbing significant impact. The riot shield was printed in ASA Black; this material provides excellent mechanical properties along with stability in high heat conditions. The UV-stable property would ideally allow for an officer to effectively use the shield on hot summer days.

During these uncertain times, R&D Technologies has yet again offered a solution through 3D printing. The Narragansett Police Department was truly grateful for this tool that helped provide added protection for their officers. One of the officers has written a testimonial about R&D Technologies and their personal experience with the company.

The image below shows one of the Narragansett police officers showing off the finished product.

3D Printing Advantages

1. Increased Production Efficiency: 3D printing technologies can help reduce the complexity and cost of production for end of arm tooling. By replacing complex components

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