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MICRON3D Green Stereo

The MICRON3D Green Stereo is the premier 3D scanner offered by SMARTTECH for industrial applications. It is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, making it an ideal choice for modern enterprises that prioritize advanced technological solutions aligned with the industry 4.0 ideology. With its precise metrological verification and impressive performance parameters, this system serves as an excellent tool for quality control and reverse engineering purposes.


Most accurate 3D scanner from the SMARTTECH3D

The MICRON3D Green Stereo utilizes a green LED light with a wavelength of 500 nm, ensuring a reliable and robust measurement system. The inclusion of narrowband filters effectively eliminates any external lighting interference. With top-quality monochromatic detectors dedicated to stereoscopic measurements, the system successfully eliminates measurement noise. Additionally, the dual directional projection of fringes enhances the precision of digitally capturing the distinct edges of measured objects.

Micron3D green stereo features:
  • Stereoscopic measurement with two detectors used.
  • New measurement method — Dual Direction Stripes (DDS).
  • Housing and Construction made of heat-resistant carbon fibers.
  • Higher measurement accuracy and prolonged system lifespan due to green LED light.
  • Improved surface and edge reconstruction.
  • Precise quality control — scan to CAD comparison.
Verified Accuracy and Durability for Reliable 3D Scanning

The MICRON3D Green Stereo scanners have been field-tested and confirmed to have exceptional 17-micrometer accuracy and long-lasting durability. They are designed for user convenience and mobility, featuring a carbon fiber construction for the housing and load-bearing structure. Innovative design solutions minimize vibrations, and a replaceable dustproof filter protects the device. Ideal for labs and production lines, these scanners ensure reliable performance.

The MICRON3D Green Stereo scanner offers three primary resolutions: 2×5 MP, 2×12 MP, and 2×20 MP, catering to applications that require precise representation of intricate details. For enhanced flexibility, the system can be equipped with a set of interchangeable lenses, enabling users to adjust the scanning volume and adapt to varying dimensions or complexities of scanning details.

Versatile Resolutions and Enhanced Scanning Capabilities

The MICRON3D Green Stereo scanner offers three primary resolutions: 2×5 MP, 2×12 MP, and the top-notch 2×20 MP model. With its exceptional 20 MP resolution, this model stands out in the market, enabling the recreation of even the smallest details of scanned objects, regardless of dimensions under 1 mm. The scanner’s adaptability is further enhanced by the option to equip it with exchangeable lenses, allowing users to adjust the scanning volume to accommodate different dimensions or complexities of scanning details. The high resolution of the 20 MP model greatly improves efficiency when scanning larger, complex objects and facilitates full automation of the scanning process.

Seamless Scanning and Advanced Data Processing with SMARTTECH3Dmeasure Software

MICRON3D Green Stereo scanners are seamlessly integrated with SMARTTECH3Dmeasure, a dedicated software offering a range of powerful features. The software enables users to initiate a comprehensive process of digitizing measured objects instantly. SMARTTECH3Dmeasure guides users through scanning and data processing, leading them to a finalized model ready for 3D printing or generating a final control report in PDF format.

With unique data management algorithms, the software ensures smooth handling of massive point clouds, even exceeding 300 million points, on standard laptops. It incorporates a built-in function to adjust projection intensity and other measurement parameters, allowing for the scanning of objects with dark or glossy surfaces. This combination of efficient scanning, advanced data edition, and quality control makes SMARTTECH3Dmeasure an essential tool for maximizing the capabilities of MICRON3D Green Stereo scanners.

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