The standard ABS filament designed by Stratasys for Stratasys machines.

3D print in 6 different colors with affordable thermoplastic filament.

There are many different derivatives of ABS created by Stratasys. ABS-M30 is another name for your standard ABS plastic designed for low-cost, functional 3D parts. Some of the other ABS variations with specific applicative purposes are ABS-M30iABSplusABS-CF10 and ABS-ESD7.  

ABS-M30 has strong mechanical properties that make it ideal for concept models and moderate-requirement parts including functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tooling and end-use parts. It works with soluble support material for hands-free support removal to make your product-development process more efficient.

Colors include natural (ivory), white, black, dark gray, red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

ABS-M30 Spec Sheet

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