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"Competition is King"

Published 07/28/2014

Competition is King Justin Coutu, the president of R&D Technologies, a Rhode Island supplier of 3D printers that distributes the devices in Massachusetts, said the technology is catching on with everyone "from Hasbro to Pratt & Whitney." He said 3D printed prototypes in particular can be a key for manufacturers that want to protect their designs, and...

"The 3D Generation: How Rapid Prototyping is Changing the Game"

Published 04/17/2014

Commercial Construction and Renovation MagazineMarch/April 2014 IssueBy: Andy Coutu   "Faster. Better. Cheaper. This is not a promo for a “Six Million Dollar Man” episode from the 1970s. It’s the new mantra of today’s manufacturing companies, which are using innovative methods to get their products to market faster, better and cheaper than ever before..."   Click here to read the full article

"The 3D Generation"

Published 02/20/2014

See Andy Coutu's article in the February issue of Canvas Magazine “3D printing is but one tool to explore innovation and cost reduction, to determine if a product can be built stronger with less material.” – Andy Coutu, President, R&D Technologies Click here for the article  

"3D printing: market hype or the 'next big thing'?"

Published 11/18/2013

COMING ALIVE: Andy Coutu, president of R&D Technologies, and Gemma Downey inspect a 3-D-printed car seat. By Patrick AndersonPBN Staff Writer There’s something unusual about the doorstops at R&D Technologies Inc.’s new Quonset Business Park offices in North Kingstown. Instead of getting them at a big-box store or clicking on the website of an online office supplier, company...