Vero Cyan | RGD843 | 4kg

Vero Cyan | RGD843 | 4kg


Brilliant ColorFor Connex3 and J series systems, the Vero family also includes:

  • VeroCyan
  • VeroCyanVivid
  • VeroMagenta
  • VeroMagentaVivid
  • VeroYellow
  • VeroYellowVivid

This enables the printers to create hundreds of digital colors, blended right in the 3D printer. You can incorporate as many as 46 vibrant, repeatable rigid colors into one 3D model for unprecedented design freedom. These color materials also blend with VeroClear Transparent photopolymer for beautiful translucent color, and with Rubber-like materials for a range of hues and hardnesses.

4kg slugs only fit in J8 Series machines.

Product Specs

Download the Vero Material Data Sheet PDF

Weight 8.818 lbs


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