T40C Tip

T40C Tip



T40C Tip | 0.020″ layer

Used for Nylon 12CF


*Currently Compatible with Stratasys F900 and Fortus 900mc only.


Introducing the groundbreaking T40C Tips, designed to enhance Industrial FDM capabilities on both the F900 and Fortus 900mc 3D Printers. With an impressive build volume measuring 36” x 24” x 36”, the Stratasys F900 excels in creating robust end-use parts through the use of high-performance materials like Nylon 12CF. Additive manufacturing inherently involves a delicate equilibrium between strength, visual appeal, and time-to-part efficiency – a challenge amplified when tackling substantial geometries like extensive assembly jigs or intricate ducting. Enter the game-changing T40C tips tailored for the F900, enabling customers to efficiently craft large Nylon 12CF components at a 0.020” layer height. This innovation significantly streamlines lead times while simultaneously augmenting the strength of the final parts produced.

Weight 1 lbs
Layer Height

Material Type



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