T20F Tip

T20F Tip



T20F Tip | 0.010″ layer

3D Printing Tip (Nozzle) for Antero 800NA and Antero840CN03

**May Require Machine Upgrade

*Currently Compatible with 450 and 900 machines only.


Introducing the Enhanced T20F Tip: Boosting ZX Tensile Strength and Flexural Strength by Up to 14% and 34% respectively!

Our innovative T20F tip, a superior replacement for the T20D tip, delivers exceptional results with up to a 14% increase in ZX tensile strength and a remarkable 34% rise in flexural strength. These remarkable improvements are subject to the specific Antero material and printer pairing.

This remarkable advancement in mechanical prowess is attributed to our precision heat control technology within the tip’s orifice. The T20F tip’s optimized thermal mass distribution, achieved through a smaller plate behind the Teflon shield in contrast to the older T20D tip, leads to enhanced material layer bonding and fortified strength in the Z orientation.

Unlocking these remarkable advantages necessitates no additional hardware investment beyond adopting the new tip. To fully leverage these benefits, we recommend utilizing Insight software version 15.7 or GrabCAD Print version 1.56, release 6.5.6806 (Fortus 450mc) or release 4.12, build 4202 (F900).

Notably, both Antero 800NA and Antero 840CN03 have been elevated to Certified Grade status. Every shipment of Antero now includes a certificate of analysis that meticulously outlines origination lot numbers and comprehensive test results for both raw material and filament production. This invaluable feature offers seamless traceability, empowering you to trace your Antero part back to its precise raw material lot.

Elevate your engineering endeavors with the all-new T20F Tip – Where Exceptional Strength Meets Unparalleled Precision!


Weight 1 lbs
Layer Height

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