Diran 410MF07 | 90 cu in

Diran 410MF07 | 90 cu in



Diran™ 410MF07 is a nylon-based thermoplastic FDM® material, mineral-filled 7% by weight. It demonstrates very good toughness and impact strength combined with resistance to hydrocarbon-based chemicals. Its smooth, lubricious surface quality offers low sliding resistance. Typical applications include jigs, fixtures and other forms of general manufacturing tooling, and is particularly effective for applications needing a non-marring interface between the tool and the workpiece.

Uses the Standard Extrusion Head.

  • Requires SUP 4000B Support (333-60400) and High Temp Trays (123-00314-S)
  • Only available for F370 Systems
  • IMPORTANT: Please download and read the Diran user guide available from the link below

Diran User Guide

Weight 12.000 lbs
Material Type



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