3D Printing Saving Hours in Surgery

anatomical models

Saving hours in surgery by examining a 3D printed model beforehand can save hospitals thousands of dollars per surgery

But you’re not just saving money. Surgeons can go in with a predetermined plan and make fewer incisions, thus reducing exposure, reducing recovery time, improving surgical outcome, and best of all: saving lives. Many medical device companies have adopted rapid prototyping in their design and manufacturing processes, but only few hospitals (the elite) have jumped on board. How can 3D printing affect in direct healthcare and hospital settings? Take a look.

How can 3D printing benefit direct healthcare?

• Provide compelling, hands-on experience

• Customize models to showcase device performance

• Let doctors evaluate devices anywhere

• Make a big impact on patients, not budget

• Simulate a variety of live tissue characteristics

• Manufacture for clinical trials and pilot commercialization

• Improve surgical outcome using models based on real patient anatomy, reduce exposure, save lives


Stratasys Acqusition

Stratasys, an innovative 3D printing solutions provider, was pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of CSpace Assets and Covestro’s Additive Manufacturing Center of

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