Precision, Realistic Texture, and Universal 3D Scanning

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The SMARTTECH UNIVERSE scanner combines metrologically verified precision, crucial for reverse engineering, with realistic texture and color representation, essential for digitalization purposes. This all-in-one 3D scanning solution enables easy creation of comprehensive 3D documentation for applications like 3D printing and part modification. The scanner’s light aluminum casing and carbon fiber framework ensure optimal security and stability for sensitive optics while maintaining a lightweight design. Each device comes with a certificate confirming its accuracy, establishing it as a trusted measuring tool in both technical and natural science industries.


Powerful Scanning and Processing
The SMARTTECH UNIVERSE scanner is accompanied by the dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, enabling seamless processing of millions of measurement points. During scanning, the device captures both the object’s shape (X, Y, Z coordinates) and registers realistic texture at each point (RGB colors). The use of high-quality color detectors ensures precise measurements and accurate imaging of even the finest details. The software offers advanced post-processing functions and various measurement capabilities such as point-to-point, surface, volume, and circumference, along with the option to create PDF reports. With its intuitive algorithms and user-friendly interface, creating documentation and 3D models has never been easier, even for non-technical users.
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