Accurate Human Body Digitization for Medical Applications

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The latest generation of SMARTTECH3D med offers a comprehensive solution specifically designed for accurate digitization of the human body. This 3D scanner utilizes safe white structured-light technology, ensuring the comfort of the scanned person throughout the measurement process. The digital outcome of the 3D scanning provides a range of benefits, including efficient surgical planning, detailed dimensional analysis of skin lesions, prosthetic design, and visualizations. By merging the panoramic results, a virtual model of the body can be created, enabling various measurements and greatly assisting in treatment planning. SMARTTECH3D med empowers medical professionals with precise and invaluable tools for enhanced patient care and treatment outcomes.


Versatile 3D Scanning for Medical and CG Artistic Applications

The SMARTTECH3D med 3D scanner, renowned for its medical applications, also proves to be highly beneficial for CG artists. Within a few minutes, it effortlessly produces a color triangle mesh, showcasing the scanned model. This quick and efficient process allows graphic designers to shift their focus towards animation and environment creation, leveraging the detailed and accurate 3D scans provided by SMARTTECH3D med. It serves as a versatile tool that caters to both medical professionals and CG artists, facilitating their respective objectives with ease.

Metrologically approved 3D scanner

The SMARTTECH3D med line adheres to the rigorous standards set by VDI/VDE 2634 for optical 3D scanning. These scanners are factory calibrated, ensuring metrological approval of the digital measurements obtained. The resulting point cloud, which represents the scanned surface, achieves an impressive accuracy of up to 0.01 mm. With SMARTTECH3D med, precision and reliability are guaranteed in the realm of optical 3D scanning.

Ultra-Fast 3D Scanning and Real-Time Analysis

In just 0.2 seconds, the 3D scanner can capture over a million points that accurately represent the surface being scanned. This remarkable speed can be likened to taking a photograph. With the advanced SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, which supports multithreading, the data calculation and analysis can be efficiently completed during a patient’s single visit.

Integrated 3D Scanning System for Repeatability and Automation

Incorporating a stationary system comprised of multiple integrated 3D scanning units, we ensure unparalleled repeatability of results, a significant challenge with handheld 3D scanners. Moreover, this innovative solution enables us to fully automate the measurement process, allowing for the scanning of hundreds of individuals per day. The applications of 3D scanning are extensive, ranging from planning plastic surgeries, designing prostheses, monitoring healing processes, creating digital archives, to digitizing actors, and much more. Regardless of your specific use case, rest assured that the results will be highly accurate, patients will experience optimal comfort and awe-inspiring technology, and, most importantly, the impact of your work will be amplified.

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