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Integrated 3D Scanning System for Repeatability and Automation

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Quality Station

The Quality Station measurement system offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring the quality control of geometrically complex objects. Through the seamless integration of an optical 3D scanner with a tilt-rotary table, this device enables automatic and precise measurements of the objects. With the dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, the measured part can be instantly compared to the reference CAD model, and an individual control report in PDF format can be generated. This powerful combination of hardware and software empowers users to fully automate the entire inspection process from a single mounting position, eliminating the need for operator intervention.


Compact Automated Solution for Geometrically Complex Quality Control

The compactness of the Quality Station allows it to be conveniently used on a standard desk, occupying minimal space. Its carbon fiber support structure effectively minimizes the impact of temperature fluctuations during the measurement process. Furthermore, the system’s reverse projection feature enhances error detection, enabling visual indication of deviations on the actual object. This innovative capability streamlines the repair or elimination of defective pieces, taking efficiency to new heights.

The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, bundled with the system, offers essential tools for quality control. It allows complete automation of the measurement process by customizing measurement plans and data processing stages. Features include color mapping of deviations, distance measurement, area and volume calculations, cross-section creation, and perimeter calculations. All measurements, deviation maps, numerical values, and cross-sections can be integrated into a PDF report for documentation and sharing.

Enhanced visualization with reverse projection

The latest addition to SMARTTECH 3D scanners is the reverse projection function, empowering users to project points, lines, polygons, and a color map of deviations directly onto the scanned object. This feature enables clear marking of critical areas during production or visualizing deficiencies when sourcing from sub-suppliers. Sharing feedback is now effortless as it appears directly on the object, facilitating seamless communication and quality control.

Achieve seamless integration by exporting 3D scanning results, facilitating quality control and reverse engineering processes

The outcomes of 3D scanning find extensive application in software for quality control and reverse engineering. In light of this, SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software offers effortless export of results (formats including OBJ, PLY, TXT, IGES) for continued work in other CAD programs. Moreover, users can leverage the SMARTTECH3D SDK for further integration and customization. This ensures a seamless transition and compatibility throughout the entire workflow.

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