J850 TechStyle

Bring your fashion designs to life with a fabric 3D printer that can turn your unique style into reality.

The Stratasys TechStyle™ 3D printer uses 3DFashion™ printing tech to print directly onto textiles, creating illusions with color and light. The computer-generated design flow allows for parametric and computed 3D design and aesthetics, unleashing fashion designers’ imagination with limitless creations and flexibility. The advantages over traditional design enable optical illusions and full-color prints on garments.

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J850 TechStyle​

The Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D printer allows high-end fashion brands and designers to personalize and customize designs with a virtually limitless color palette. The 2-mode flexible printer can print onto textiles and repurpose used garments, while its Fabric Analyzer technology optimizes digital designs. Streamlined workflow with GrabCAD Print software and seven-material capacity promote mindful manufacturing, minimizing waste and inventory. 3D printing promotes responsible consumption and innovative, intricate designs for a better tomorrow in fashion.


  • Fabric size handling: min 560 x 460mm; max 2 x 2m
  • Fabric thickness: 0.1-3.0mm (Interchangeable Tray for smooth production runs)
  • Effective printing area: 460 x 360 x 50 mm (18.1 x 14.2 x 1.9 in) on a stretch of fabric up to 2m2
  • Machine size: 1400 x 1260 x 1100 mm (55.1 x 49.6 x 43.4 in.); 430 kg (948 lbs.)
  • Material cabnet size: 1119 x 656 x 637 mm (44 x 25.8 x 25.1 in.); 153 kg (337 lbs.)
  • Layer thickness: Horizontal build layers down to 27-micron (0.001 in.)
  • Pantone® Validated Color Matching with over 600,000 color combinations
  • Model materials: Translucent color tints, Flexible tactile materials in a variety of textures and colors, Vero™ & VeroUltra™ family of opaque materials + neutral shades and vibrant VeroVivid™ colors, Agilus30™ Clear, Black, White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Transparent VeroClear™ and VeroUltra™Clear, Vero™ContactFlex for soft touch model coating
  • GrabCad Print Software
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