Stratasys F770™

Industrial scale printing. Simplified.

Print parts up to a meter long without the high capital investment of exclusive, large-format printers. Accurate print results and reliability.

Stratasys F770 3D printer can print either a single large part or multiple parts for increased productivity. Its heated build chamber is the longest in the market, allowing for diagonal prints of up to 46 inches. The large 13 cubic-foot build area offers new possibilities for manufacturing, prototyping, and production-part applications that smaller printers cannot match. Moreover, the F770 is priced affordably, making large-scale printing more accessible. This is because not all 3D printing applications require high-performance materials or the advanced features of larger, more expensive printers. Think bigger with Stratasys F770.

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Stratasys F770


  • Build Envelope: 1000 x 610 x 610 mm (39.4 x 24 x 24″)
  • Material Options: ASA , ABS-M30™, ABS-M30 Black, ASA-Ivory
  • Production accuracy: ± 0.254 mm (± 0.010 in.) or ± 0.002 mm/mm (± 0.002 in./in.), whichever is greater
  • GrabCAD Print, Insight, Control Center™, MTConnect enabled
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