Stratasys F370 CR

Create larger parts with more material options including high-strength carbon fiber material, right in your office

The high-strength composite printing that the F370CR offers can be used to make work holding fixtures, soft jaws, and component parts in a fraction of the time compared to metal machining. Using the F370CR 3D printer to supplement traditional fabrication technologies can increase speed, throughput, and cost benefits.

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Stratasys F370CR


  • Build Envelope: 355mm x 254mm x 355mm (14 x 10 x 14 in.)
  • Material Options: PC-ABS, Diran, Nylon-CF10, TPU 92A™, ABS, ASA, ABS-CF10, ABS-ESD7 (Print high-strength carbon fiber materials)
  • Auto changeover capability on the F370CR extends print times
  • Fully heated build chamber enables consistent print results with multiple infills from sparse to fully dense
  • Built-in camera provides visual remote print monitoring
  • Power is supplied by standard wall outlets
  • 4 slice heights
  • 4 material bays
  • Material bays located in pullout drawers allow for easy accessibility and fast changes
  • GrabCAD Print™ and Insight™ software provide a simple workflow and in-depth print process control
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