Tech Tips

PolyJet - Dying Translucent PolyJet Models

Published 09/04/2014

Dying Translucent PolyJet Models Introduction Painting models can greatly enhance a clients impression but it also makes them opaque.  Dying adds color and life to your printed models while retaining translucency.  Benefits • Dying your models is faster and easier than painting.• Translucency of models printed in Objet FullCure is preserved because the dye is absorbed into themodel material.•...

PolyJet - UV Timeout Error

Published 08/26/2014

In cases where the UV lamp fails to ignite, you may visually inspect the UV lamp by loosening the two large thumb screws on the assembly, carefully lift the UV assembly and look through the glass window on the bottom of the assembly.  There are rare cases where the lamp is shattered.  Normally, the bulb...

PolyJet - Handling Waste from PolyJet 3D Printing Systems

Published 08/15/2014

Overview During normal printing procedures, Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing systems collect partially cured polymeric waste into a leak-proof waste container.  This Tech-Tip includes general information on what you should do if the material leaks and some first aid information. General Precautions Partially cured and uncured PolyJet material is classified as hazardous industrial waste. Prolonged direct contact may cause...