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"We started working with Ben Gardell and the team at R&D Technologies in the beginning of March this year. Since that time we have working on scale and size limitations of the printed parts or models R&D could produce to fit or needs. After a short learning curve our design team has gained a considerable understanding of what is possible and affordable using the Stratasys PolyJet and FDM platforms. We have found were the Polyjet printing fulfills many of our needs but FDM is also either the material of choice or a suitable alternative media for others.   Our investigative experience with Ben and R&D Technologies has been excellent, and we look forward to a productive and long standing working relationship in the future."

-Robert D. Campbell
Project Manager
Milroy & Company, LLC

"I am very happy with the lead time and quality of your products, they have helped us greatly so thank you very much for the great job."

- Omer Usanmaz
Manufacturing Engineer
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Everyone at R&D was just amazing. They tackled this project from the very beginning and were wonderful people to work with...What they have done has given me incredible piece of mind. I can’t say enough about what they have done for us.

-Kate Tokarski
Independent Client

"With regards to rapid prototyping, R&D Technologies is the only company that I am aware of that also takes the quoting process into the rapid realm.  For developers like me with tight deadlines and critical customer projects, [their] rapid reaction on the customer service and quoting side of things is just as important as the 3D printing.

FYI: I texted Justin mid morning regarding a number of parts we required for a new headphone design, he was back to me in short order.  Based on his suggestion, I contacted Shawn Reilly who called me within less than 5 minutes after receiving my email.  He then laid the parts out a quickly emailed, me the 3D build layout for review.  I called him back immediately and we finalized the layout in less than 1 minute.

...this kind of customer service is what separates the good from the great!"

-Rick Genga
Acela Design LLC

"R&D Technologies has been a great partner from day one.  Fast and excellent customer service.  The Fortus 250mc machine is easy to use with no mess.  It has saved us considerable time and prevented costly tooling changes to injection molded parts prior to ordering tooling.  A machine like this pays for itself in one to two projects if you are making show demo units or design products that are dependent on multiple injection molded parts."

-Lou Verte Jr.
Mechanical Engineering Manager
Astro-Med, Inc.

"This is my second Objet 3D printer. I bought the first one while at Roche, to develop mechanical parts for a prototype genetic sequencer. 15-20% of the parts were printed in house and were immediately usable on the prototype instruments. Subsequent drilling, tapping and milling was possible on the material as well. Having the printer enabled huge time savings in the instrument design iterations. Many molded parts were prototyped on the printer so no mold rework would be required. After leaving Roche I took on a role as automation engineer at Moderna, where mechanical design was less of a priority. Even in that role, I quickly felt the need for a 3D printer. Many robot teaching fixtures, tube racks, production jigs can be designed and printed quickly, resulting in improved setup times for custom automated and even manual molecular biology assays."

-Ben Geldhof
Sr Automation Engineer
Moderna Therapeutics

"It's always a pleasure working with R&D Technologies. The team provides extremely responsive, informative and efficient service. Speed and quality are big factors in this process and R&D never disappoints."

-Haik Tokatlyan
Jaywalk Studio

"R&D Technologies has been an invaluable asset in the fast and cost effective validation of parts.... Even on weekends, there is always a team member available to personally oversee part runs to maintain our review schedule. Great service as well as products."

-Don Harrison
Medical Device Consultant
Human Design Medical

"R&D is truly a great company to work with.  We started out having them manufacture SLA masters for us to use at our facility.  Over the years, we realized the amount of work they were doing for us and decided to purchase a Stratasys Objet30 from Justin [Coutu] at R & D.  They helped us plan for the installation including training on how to use the software with the printer.  Chris [Richter] installed the printer and trained our staff on how to use and properly maintain our new machine.  The 3D printer was one of the best investments that Iselann-Moss has made in years.  Being a custom manufacturer of urethane products, we now have the capability to produce masters for our customers in house and it has allowed us to service new industries.  The support that Chris and his staff have provided since we began using the 3D printer last year has been second to none.  Even though we have only called a few times with questions regarding the machine, we talk to a live person (usually Chris) and receive precise, easy to understand instructions on how to resolve any issue that we might have.  If you are considering purchasing a 3D printer, I would strongly suggest purchasing one from R & D Technologies."

-David Reali
Vice President
Iselann-Moss Ind., Inc