PPSF | 92 cu in

SKU: 310-20200

PPSF Product Description

3D print heat-resistant, strong sterilizable parts

PPSF/PPSU offers the highest heat resistance of any FDM thermoplastic, good mechanical strength and resistance to petroleum and solvents. It is gamma, EtO and autoclave sterilizable.

Produce under-the-hood automotive prototypes, sterilizable medical devices, and tooling for demanding applications in-house with PPSF/PPSU material and FDM 3D printing.

This material’s impressive properties expand what Fortus 400mc and 900mc 3D Production Systems can do, helping you speed product development, gain testing confidence and reduce risk. PPSF/PPSU works with breakaway support material.

PPSF Material Specifications

PPSF Material Specifications

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