Polycarbonate Xtend | 184 cu in

SKU: 310-20118

Polycarbonate Product Description

Build strong parts in engineering thermoplasticPC Handle

PC and FDM Technology produce functional prototypes, tooling and end-use parts in a familiar, durable engineering material. PC’s high tensile and flexural strength make it ideal for demanding prototyping needs, tooling and fixtures, and patterns for metal bending and composite work. Low-volume manufacturing and customization become feasible, and testing provides more confidence.

Breakaway or soluble support materials are available for PC. This material works with Fortus 360mc, 400mc and 900mc 3D Production Systems.

Xtend canisters contain 184 cu. in. of material in the same spool size as the 92 cu. in. canisters allowing you to run the machine unattended for twice as long.

Polycarbonate Material Specifications

Polycarbonate Material Specifications

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