Getting Started


Looking to turn your idea into a fully functioning prototype? R&D Technologies has the software tools to help realize your vision. If you already have a 3D file and would like to make a few alterations, or if you simply have an idea and no prior experience with 3D modeling, our team of engineers can assist you in the design process. Outlined below are some of the steps and best practices R&D uses to help you get the most out of our services. Please contact our team to inquire further about your specific project.

Beginning the design process:

To better define the scope of your project, you will be allowed a 30 minute free consultation (in person or on the phone). This will help us to understand your design expectations and gather all the information needed to start the project. Contact our team today and get your project started!   

We do have contacts for handling different types of projects. If R&D can’t help you, we can connect you with the appropriate CAD designer to start your project. As they are not employed by R&D Technologies, each will have their own pricing and methodologies for projects.  

Ownership: Files are property of the customer and will be sent upon payment for services rendered. NDA’s can be put into place if necessary. 

Files/Formats: Multiple formats available for export including Solidworks native files, iges, step, parasolid, and STL. Drawing files/Dimensioned Drawings may be requested, but will add to accumulated hours (typically average about 50-75% of the CAD build time). Images and planar views at no cost. 

Prototyping: If you would like to have your design printed at our in-house additive manufacturing facility, the cost of printing will be discounted based on the type of project.

*Prototyping discounts will not be applied to outsourced projects.  

Billing: Once a quote is accepted, we will start your project with the intent of billing the quote amount. As time to build a CAD file is not an exact science, hours can fluctuate up or down based on complexity and unforeseen issues or shortcuts. A final tally will be sent, but files are not released until payment is received.

*Large revisions may be equivalent to a redesign or starting from scratch, and can increase the hours significantly based on what is being changed. It is important to have all main objectives and features outlined before starting a project to help avoid this.

*Organic shapes, complex surfaces, injection molding, high risk applications, and complex mechanisms/assemblies may not be under the purview of R&D Technologies. We have the right to decline a project and direct you to other services for more specific expertise better suited to your application.