Think Spring!

Published 03/02/2015

By Kelly Rantuccio | Accounting/Marketing Specialist

With all this snow we’ve been getting, it might be hard to believe that we will ever see the grass again, but spring is on its way! And the snow will melt. This means that soon enough, many of us will be outside, soaking up the sunshine and gardening! What better way to prepare then by 3D printing some gardening essentials? Check out what you could 3D print below!

Here’s 4 useful garden objects that could be 3D printed:

(Click on the image to learn more about the item/download the file and print your own!)


3D Birdhouse1. You could 3D print a wide array of different bird houses… Check out this one that changes colors when it is occupied! This takes place by using a thermo sensitive filament that will change colors at body temperature. 



3D Rake

2. Maybe you have a broken hand rake from last year that you never got around to fixing…






3D Valve3. Or maybe you come across a leaky valve… you can 3D print that if you are in a pinch or have a valve that is an unusual size.







3D Garden Signs4. Some customized garden signs to distinguish your fruits and vegetables.






And now for 4 fun/unusual objects that are available to be 3D printed:

Garden Gnomes1. Perhaps you need some gnomes in your garden? Or even just in your house or office (We actually have quite a few in our office believe it or not!)





Soil Moisture Sensor 2. A moisture soil sensor to help you decide when your plants need to be watered! Now, there is no excuse for when those plants start to die.





3D Planter Bricks3. These 3D planter bricks help in growing plants and increasing vegetation. The sizes and shapes vary depending on where they will be placed along with the size of the plants. During construction, the bricks can be assembled in a load bearing cavity wall, combined with traditional bricks in new walls, or retrofitted for existing walls.



3D Modern Vertical Garden System4. Perhaps you're interested in something similar to this modern vertical garden system, Pflix. By using this, you are able to increase your garden space! 



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