The Top Six Ways 3D Printing Can Be Fun in the Winter!

Published 12/08/2014

By Matt Maloney, Applications Engineer at R&D Technologies


Winter and holidays are upon us once again. So, what are a few things you can do with a 3d printer that are fun or useful? Below are 6 ways we found to have fun this winter season!

Number Six3D Printed Bear Footprints

Conspicuous snow tracks. Whether it’s for the kids, or you’re trying to prank that gullible neighbor next door, print out some hooves or specially engraved Santa boots. Maybe even a Bigfoot for those into the supernatural. Once you have the print, attach it to a post/pole, or even your own shoes and have fun plastering the tracks in all the impossible places you can find. Just make sure to cover up your own!

Number FivePrint your own snowman parts!

Snow Toys! While you’re probably not going to be printing out a sleigh for that race down the notorious hill in your neighborhood, there are certainly other ways to have fun. Missing some carrots and coal? Print up some accessories Mr. Potato Head-style for that awesome snowman you built. Not only can you make whatever you want, and color it how you please, but when the snow finally melts away, you have reusable parts for when the next storm hits!

Print your very own snowman kit! Nose, coal, and pipe STL files included!

Number Four
3D Printed Light Clip

Useful items (clutter reducers) for decorating. Whether it’s stringing up lights, wiring and extension cords, or garland around the house, it’s always useful to have clips and hooks on hand to keep them in place or tuck things out of the way. With a few smart cord organizers, suddenly that bird’s nest you keep trying to hide in a corner, beneath the tree, or behind the furniture will be gone!

Download a free STL file for holding your holiday lights here!

Number Three3D Print the handle to your shovel when it breaks!

Replacement parts. Chances are you have a giant box of decorations hidden somewhere in your house. When the time comes to open it up and set everything out, there’s always a missing piece. Hooks, ornament caps, whatever. You can create a simple print of whatever part you need and if necessary give it a quick coat of paint. Since you now have a file, you’ll never have to worry about being short again. Just reprint any extras you need! (This also goes for when you break the handle for your favorite shovel or you need a new window scraper)

Download a Shovel Handle STL File Here!

Number Two

Pop-out 3D printed card

Special holiday greetings/ cards. In order to stand out from the crowd this year, why not try this: a 3D version that will make you stand out from the rest of the clutter of holiday greetings on your friends and families mantle this year. You can create a plaque with a stand, a photo holder, or if you get really clever, even turn it into an ornament they can place on their tree.

Number OnePrint your own holiday ornaments today

Ornaments. Of course the easiest thing to create on a 3d printer are ornaments for your tree. You can create the file yourself for special one-of-a-kind decorations, or use already created files from sites like grabcad or thingiverse. Just make sure anything large is sparse filled!

View a Whole Range of 3D Printable Ornaments Here!

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