The Latest and Greatest from Stratasys

Published 04/20/2015

By Ben Gardell l 3D Printing Consultant

Objet 1000 Plus

Objet 1000 Plus

The Objet 1000 Plus is the next generation Polyjet, large scale 3D Printer. This printer is the flagship of the Polyjet 3D Printing line.  This workhorse provides 24x7 operation, Connex multi-material technology, and best in class ease of use.  With the new Objet1000 Plus, Endur (Simulated Polypropylene) has been added to the standard single shot plastics, as well as the multi-material class for digital mixing. The 3D Printer also now has an optimized printing block movement which will allow for less head movements and less printing time. This printer also has a new printing head working point which allows for an average of 13% increase in print speed and an average of 25% reduction in waste. The Objet1000 Plus is the new large format Polyjet 3D Printer.

Fortus Plus Upgrade

Fortus Plus UpgradeThis is a material interaction upgrade for the Fortus 360mc, 400mc, and 900mc model 3D Printers by Stratasys. This upgrade will upgrade the Fortus to allow them to run the Fortus Plus canisters. These new canisters have a smarter chip which enables more material options to be added in the future. This upgrade includes software and hardware machine changes. This will allow for any existing Fortus system prior to Fortus 380mc and 450mc to run off the same inventory as the current systems. All newly released materials after 2015 will only be available on Fortus Plus capable systems. ABSi and PPSF materials will not be available in Fortus Plus canisters. This system upgrade requires a half-day visit from a Stratasys certified technician, and will entail canister drive upgrades, software upgrades and a new side door for the Fortus 900mc.

Xtend 500 Fortus Plus CanisterXtend 500 Fortus Plus Canister

The Xtend 500 is a new 500 cubic inch material canister from Stratasys Ltd. This is a highly reliable, high-volume filament delivery system for the highest-volume 3D printing users. Xtend 500 canisters will allow for over 200 hours of unattended run time, 5 times less canister changes, shipping savings, and a cut in labor costs. These new canisters are wound using REELEX winding technology, have a QR code link for easy product info, have on-box recycling instructions, a rescue hatch for easy troubleshooting, and are truly a plug and play material canister. The Fortus 380mc does not have the ability to run the Xtend 500 canister and the Fortus 900mc will require side door upgrade. The Fortus Plus upgrade is required for the Xtend 500 Fortus Plus capability. 


If you are interested or have any questions about the new technology from Stratasys Ltd, provided to you through your local reseller R & D Technologies Inc., please feel free to contact us anytime.

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