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The State of 3D Printing 2016

Published 07/19/2016

The State of 3D Printing 2016 Forbes Magazine:   • Power Users are over 2X more likely to rely on 3D Printing to...

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3D Printing the Magic of Star Wars

Published 02/01/2016

3D Printing the Magic of Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Famous Holochess Scene   While watching the most recent instalment of the...

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3D Printing on the Big Screen

Published 01/19/2016

3D Printing has grown so rapidly that even Hollywood is using the technology to allow visual effects teams for movies...

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Emulating Nature - Biomimetics & 3D Printing

Published 05/04/2015

Nature is a source of endless fascination for me. The world is full of beautiful creatures and plant life displaying intricate patterns, colors and textures. One of my favorite pastimes is photographing birds and other creatures in their natural habitat. I also enjoy turning ideas upside down and looking at things from a totally different perspective.

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Industries Touched by 3D Printing

Published 03/23/2015

There are many 3D printers in today’s world... whether it’s a Makerbot or a Fortus machine from Stratasys. And I bet that most, if not all of these companies would say it’s a crucial part of their prototyping process.

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