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3D Printing the Magic of Star Wars

Published 02/01/2016

3D Printing the Magic of Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Famous Holochess Scene   While watching the most recent instalment of the...

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3D Printing on the Big Screen

Published 01/19/2016

3D Printing has grown so rapidly that even Hollywood is using the technology to allow visual effects teams for movies...

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Creating Injection Molds with Stratasys 3D Printing

Published 07/27/2015

By bringing a Stratasys 3D printer in-house, specifically the Connex2, Arad was able to cut their total project time from two or three months to less than one week! The molds that Arad created were 3D printed using Stratasys Digital ABS material and were done in four parts with a total printing time of just ten hours.

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Tufts Robotics Lab Uses Connex Technology to Create Unique Robot

Published 02/23/2015

By Paul Concannon | 3D Printing Consultant "Without our Connex, this project would have been impossible", said Vishesh Vikas one of the PhD....

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