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The 3D Printed Lithophane - Combining Art History and 3D Printing

Published 02/02/2015

Lithophanes are used as decorative plaques in windows, candle shields, fireplace screens or in lamps. Using a simple process, we were able to 3D print our own lithophane with great success.

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How Does 3D Printing Impact Our Daily Lives?

Published 11/26/2014

By: Kelly Rantuccio  Tweet //   Did you know that your life is effected by 3D Printing on a daily basis? Let’s go through...

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A Tale Told from a 3D Printing Consultant’s Travels

Published 11/17/2014

Top 5 Most Interesting Things I’ve Seen as a 3D-Printing Consultant   Tweet // By: Gemma Downey As a young professional in her early twenties,...

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9 Creepy (or Somewhat Odd) 3D Printing Stories

Published 10/27/2014

It’s that time of year again in New England - when the sun sets early and the cold winds blow. Diminutive witches, princesses and super heroes will soon shuffle through autumn leaves in search of sugary loot. Even the most serious 3D professionals among us have fond memories of Halloweens past and the delicious thrill of a ghost story. Read on to stimulate your imagination.

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