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3D Printed Racing Mini Quadcopter

Published 04/27/2015

During the months following my last article, “3D Printing and Drones,” there’s been many news events published regarding drones showing up in unexpected places. For example, a day after my first article was posted, a drone landed on the White House grounds. In March, ten drones were spotted mysteriously flying over Paris. There have been close calls between drones and commercial aircraft, reports of drug smugglers using drones along the US and Mexico border, and even reports of drones smuggling contraband over prison walls. On the other hand, you can find many examples of good uses for drones such as one Rhode Island teenager who hand-built his drone to help firefighters determine the cause of fires in buildings that are too unsafe to enter. He volunteers his time as needed to his local fire department.

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5 Reasons That Your Company Should Work With A Service Bureau

Published 01/30/2015

R&D offers a service bureau capable of taking your CAD design and turning it into 3D reality. For additional information on why the time may be right to use our services, here’s 5 more reasons your company should work with a 3D printing service bureau.

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3D Printing and Drones

Published 01/26/2015

By Chris Richter | Customer Support Manager/Application Engineer Drones and 3D printing are two separate buzzwords we’ve been hearing a lot about...

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How to Make a 3D Printable QR Code

Published 12/22/2014

Do you have a QR code you want to 3d print that actually scans and brings you to a website? This step by step document will walk you through the process from start to finish!

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