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3D Printing Topographic Maps from Google

Published 07/20/2015

I’ve been wondering if it would be possible to export 3D data from Google Earth in order to print terrain similar to topographic maps. After some searching on the web, it seems there is not an easy or straightforward path to accomplish this. I came across a tutorial on youtube which shows how to import GoogleMap data in to Google Sketch-Up and then export the data for importing into Rhino. Since I do not have access to Rhino, this solution was a dead end. I then experimented with importing the Google Sketch-Up data into Meshlab, a free mesh editing utility, but this only worked some of the time.

Emulating Nature - Biomimetics & 3D Printing

Published 05/04/2015

Nature is a source of endless fascination for me. The world is full of beautiful creatures and plant life displaying intricate patterns, colors and textures. One of my favorite pastimes is photographing birds and other creatures in their natural habitat. I also enjoy turning ideas upside down and looking at things from a totally different perspective.