Stratasys Releases 12 New Machines!

Published 11/04/2014



On 11/04/14, Stratasys officially released twelve new machines in their PolyJet and FDM lineup. This new release includes machines from the PolyJet desktop line all the way up to the production Fortus systems. Keep reading to learn more or Contact Us Here to speak to a 3D Printing expert.

 All New: Fortus 380mc & 450mc


Ease of use, Speed & Reliability

Fortus 380mc 450mc

Overview of Improvements vs. Fortus 360mc and 400mc

  • Faster Build Speed
    Fortus Touch Screen
  • Improved Oven Temperature and Uniformity
  • New Touchscreen
  • Ease of Use
  • Improved Reliability
  • Internal Air Compressor
  • New Canisters
  • Bundled Material Options
  • Simplified Configuration

Now Introducing Material Bundles

Standard Bundle

Stratasys Engineering Bundle

Stratasys High Performance Bundle

Machine Specifics

Fortus 380mc

The all new Fortus 380mc will replace the Fortus 360mc with a 44% larger envelope size of 14"x12"x12", the ability to run the Standard or Engineering Bundle and a choice of four layer resolutions ranging from 0.005" to 0.013".

Fortus 450mc

The all new Fortus 450mc offers all the improvements of the new Fortus systems with a 16"x14"x16" envelope size, space for four canisters, a choice of any or all of the three Material Bundles and four layer resolutions ranging from 0.005" to 0.013".

All New: Connex Family

Connex 1 2 3 Family

Replacing the existing Connex family, the new Connex 1, 2, and 3 systems allow Mixed Tray and Mixed Part functionality, with the Connex 3 offering up to 46 bright and vivid colors into one part.

Connex 1 Features:

  • Three base materials in one tray
  • Three base material within one part (no digital mixing)

Connex mixed tray

Connex 2 Features:

  • All features of the Connex 1
  • Digital Materials (Mixing of two materials)
  • Digital ABS (Ivory and Green)
  • Rubber or rigid overmold on Digital ABS


Connex 3 Features:

  • All features of the Connex 1 and 2
  • Full Digital Materials (Mixture of up to three materials)
  • Color (Base+Digital Materials)

All New: Eden260VSEden 260 VS Soluble Support

Stratasys' first Soluble Support PolyJet 3D Printer!

With the Eden260V, you can now upgrade to a soluble support option to run all Vero Materials with Soluble Support! Soluble support is best used in applications where fine detail and delicate parts are created. Small and delicate parts are now able to be easily cleaned in an automatic cleaning station.

Features of the Eden260VS:

  • Thirteen materials
  • Rigid and rubber
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Two types of support
    • Quick using WaterJet
    • Automated using Soluble Support

Soluble Support Removal Process:
Stratasys Soluble Support

  1. Remove part from printer
  2. Place part in cleaning station with clean water for 5-7 hours
  3. Immerse in Sodium Hydroxide for 2-4 hours (recommended)
  4. Dip in Glycerol and dry (reccommended)


All New: Objet30Prime
Objet30 Prime

The first desktop machine with flexible materials and a faster print mode

The new Objet30 Prime now features:

  • Twelve model materials
  • Elastomeric (flexible) materials
  • Bio-compatible materials
  • Three print modes
    • High Quality (16µ layer thickness)
    • High Speed (28µ layer thickness)
    • Draft Mode (36µ layer thickness)
  • Tray size of 11.8x7.87x5.9 inches

With the new Draft Mode, your parts will build roughly 60% faster and use 20% less material than the High Quality mode.  Compared to the default High Speed mode, your parts will still build 20% faster and be 20% more economical when printing in Draft Mode.

 To learn more about any of these systems or for purchasing information, please contact us now to speak to a 3D Printing Expert

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