Maintaining an Organized Work Space with 3D Printing

Published 01/12/2015

By Matt McCabe, Application Engineer/Customer Support Engineer

One of the greatest challenges in a fast paced work environment is maintaining an organized work space. Often we need custom fixtures to facilitate this. Since we have a full in-house 3D printing department, we have the ability to design custom fixtures and print them on demand.  The beauty of having the capability to design and print our fixtures in-house is that it saves us time and provides us the freedom to produce whatever we need without having to retrofit another product for a different use.

Sliced view of Tip Holder for Fortus 400mcOur Stratasys Fortus 400mc has multiple extrusion tips that need be manually switched when we transition from one material to another or if we want to print in a different layer resolution, ranging from 0.005" to 0.013".  Keeping them organized and maintaining an accurate inventory has been an ongoing challenge. So, one of our application engineers, Matt McCabe, designed a custom fixture that would hold all of the tips in an organized manner. In order to make the tip holder easy to read, the material in the printer was switched mid-build from beige to black to produce a multi colored part with easy to read lettering.

After a little post processing and gluing a few magnets to the back of the fixture our new tip holder was ready for use. On a hectic Friday afternoon we had over thirty extrusion tips rolling around but after a little bit of creativity and the use of a 3D printer, everything was nice and tidy, how every workshop should be.

If you are a customer of R&D Technologies and would like a copy of this STL to print one for your own, please contact us now.Tip Holder in use for our Fortus 400mc


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