Industries Touched by 3D Printing

Published 03/23/2015

By Nick Provenzano | Applications Engineer/Service Bureau

There are many 3D printers in today’s world... whether it’s a Makerbot or a Fortus machine from Stratasys. And I bet that most, if not all of these companies would say it’s a crucial part of their prototyping process.  Some of these industries include aerospace, architecture, automotive, consumer products, education, entertainment, jewelry and even medical.

The Aerospace industries are now looking into starting to print jet engines. Last week I came across a picture that was taken from the Avalon International Airshow in Australia.

Avalon International Airshow

Architectural models are now being used more than ever and the main reason is time.  Why make them out of cardboard when you can print them in a strong ABS plastic?  This will save your company time and money in the long run. These models can even help students turn their ideas into reality in a couple hours with 3D printing technology.

Architectural Model Architectural Model

3D Printed Model ^                                                 Cardboard Model ^

The entertainment industry has always been a field where customizable things are in need... For example, Star Wars films. If you think of how many customized objects there are in the movie, 3D printing can help out with that from a door knob to a light saber you name it, you can print it. The trickiest part is designing the model in a 3D software.


Jewelers are starting to realize modeling wax by hand isn’t efficient enough anymore. One, you have to hand carve the waxes and two, try repeating that process again. No part will be identical because a human hand is carving it out. Solidscape Wax printers have helped jewelry companies to transform into the new age of production.  Check out this video to learn more about Solidscape:

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