How Does 3D Printing Impact Our Daily Lives?

Published 11/26/2014

By: Kelly Rantuccio 


Did you know that your life is effected by 3D Printing on a daily basis?

Let’s go through some examples:

  1. Did you hit your Bose Radio for the extra 10 minute snooze this morning? – Well that was designed using a 3D printer.
  2. You probably washed your face and brushed your teeth, maybe using a Kohler Faucet. This was also designed on a 3D printer. (the toothbrush too!)
  3. Did you hop in the shower and wash your hair? That bottle and cap were most likely designed on a 3D printer!
  4. You may have shaved your face before work? That Gillette razor… 3D printed.
  5. You breakout your iPad to check email – perhaps with a case on it? Well you can guess how that was designed.
  6. Putting on those Reebok running sneakers? The sole on the shoe was designed using 3D technology.
  7. You look in a compact mirror to put on your makeup(also in a compact case) … Both 3D printed.
  8. But before you do anything in the morning, you probably raise your Levelor Blinds for some sunlight.
  9. Now you’re ready to leave the house and put your baby in the Graco car seat.
  10. You get in your Ford, BMW, Chrysler… the dashboard, steering wheel, stick shift, Michelin tires – yes…All designed and assembled using 3D printed parts.

The list can go on and on but the point is that 3D printing impacts our lives every day without even being noticed. Can you imagine if this technology did not exist?

And of course, there are so many other uses for 3D printing that are getting noticed for their heartwarming stories…

Prosthetics are being designed and printed via 3D technology quite often which are changing lives.

3D Printed WristThis young girl can now function like her friends because of her 3D printed wrist.







3D Printed HandThis 7 year old boy gets a new grip on life with his 3D printed hand.






3D Printed PatellaNot only for humans, but 3D technology is creating hope for pets now!

For example, this little dog can now play again because of his 3D printed patella!






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